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I’m running for Congress because Texas deserves leaders who’ll bring people together, roll up their sleeves, and get to work. I know that together we can accomplish big goals. Join us.

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For press inquiries please contact: contact@villarrealrigneyforcongress.com

Meet John

John Villarreal Rigney is an attorney, a small businessman, a brother, husband, and father.  


Villarreal Rigney grew up in Pharr with four siblings, his mother, and father, a World War II veteran. His mother immigrated here from Mexico to pursue the American dream, and his father, a World War II veteran, worked hard to start an auto mechanic business in Pharr and support our family.  Villarreal Rigney has expressed that protecting and advocating for the veterans community will be a top priority of his campaign. A South Texas Democrat, Villarreal Rigney is a strong supporter of law enforcement, committed to education, and will work to ensure economic development and good jobs for the people of South Texas. He knows the value of hard work and started a successful construction company nearly 20 years ago. John eventually sent himself to law school and has now been working as an attorney for the people of this district for nearly a decade.