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John Villarreal Rigney's Families First Agenda

This Congressional campaign is for you, your family, and all the people that work every day to provide for their families. Whether that means trying to put food on the table, dealing with rising gas prices, trying to pay for unaffordable medical care, or making sure your kids have quality afterschool care, I want to make sure you get the best representation. You deserve someone fighting for you.



Join me, and together let's build a better future for Texas.

Protect and Honor Our Nation's Veterans

I am proud to be the son of a veteran. My father was a Technical Sergeant in World War II, and I heard firsthand about the service and sacrifices he made for our great country. Our nation must honor these brave men and women for their undeniable service. As your Congressman, I commit to lead the fight in Washington to upgrade the GI Bill so that every veteran returning home has access to higher education. I will work to increase funding for veteran health services, including mental health services and resources to care for our injured and disabled heroes. Lastly, our veterans deserve an opportunity at the American dream, which is why as your Congressman, I will push for legislation to revitalize the VA Home Loan Program here in Texas and nationwide.

Economic Opportunity

Many working families across our great state are facing difficult times. Working families should not have to decide between getting needed medication, paying their mortgage, paying the utility bills, or putting food on their table to feed their children. It has been over 12 years since our federal minimum wage increased; an overdue increase is necessary. As your Congressman, I will support an increase in the federal minimum wage so the workers of South Texas can have a dignified, livable, family-sustaining wage.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the tremendous issues small business owners face, especially in these trying times. I will always consider and fight for the help needed for our small businesses to succeed. I will also fight to reform and simplify the business tax code, open foreign trade channels with our neighbors to the south. I will advocate for policies that encourage economic growth here in South Texas.


As a father of a special needs child, I understand the great need for access to affordable and comprehensive health care which covers pre-existing conditions and puts a price cap on crucial life-sustaining medications like insulin. In a country as great as America, no working family should go without medical care because it is unaffordable. As your Congressman, I will push for a healthcare plan that will provide coverage to protect our families.

Safe Neighborhoods/Law Enforcement

Our families and children deserve safe neighborhoods to grow, learn, and thrive. We are living in unprecedented times where crime continues to increase. Our law enforcement officers and first responders put their lives on the lines every day to keep us safe, and we need to provide them with the training, equipment, and support to let them do their best job so that they can keep us safe.


We are a nation founded by immigrants. As the son of a mother who immigrated to this country to follow the American dream, I know firsthand the needs of the immigrants who also wish to follow that dream. As your Congressman, I will work diligently to enact immigration reform that will end the inhumane conditions and abuse immigrants face from cartels and others encountered on their journey. We must provide access to residency and citizenship for the immigrants who wish to work, contribute to our economy, and establish their American dream.